Act as if nobody is watching

Act as if nobody is watching. Out of nowhere this phrase comes up in my mind while heading off for my walk into the forest. With every step I take it sinks and eventually drowns in a puddle of new thoughts. Beautifully colored leaves, insects, people, clouds and what not distract my mind while I wander off.

Unconscious mind

Suddenly I find myself walking passed a bunch of tall pine trees. In the corner of my eyes I notice that one tree is cut, right in the middle, leaving a wide open space. I stop, take a few steps back and give the scene a closer look. I’m now sensing the trees and this particular composition with my belly and my outer bodies. The longing to go stand on top of the stump arises from deep within me. In the split second between me becoming aware of the longing and the moment my being is getting ready to come into action, my unconscious mind kicks in and loudly shouts inside my head: “You are not allowed to go off track!” followed by “What if somebody sees you?!”

"Act as if nobody is watching!"


The Trees are calling

That clearly came from the Trees themselves. I quickly decide to go for it before my entire “good-girl-programming” gets the chance to fully launch. Carefully I find my way to the stump. I’m standing tall, feet glued to what once was a giant tree, and I close my eyes.


An immense space is surrounding me, a sky high field of forces. All in the Universe present in that little part of the forest. My heart picks up on a vibrational field built by the trees surrounding me.

Suddenly, footsteps were approaching. I don’t move. I stand tall as a tree, feel every footstep vibrate through the air. Notice how the sound changes as they walk passed me and continue their journey. The difference between the moving ability of that person and the standing quality of the trees becomes apparent. The sensation is massive. Magical. Peaceful. Timeless.

As I soak in every sensation this experience gifts me, more footsteps approach me but I don’t recall more details of them.

I become the tree.


Dare to follow your intuition, it will never cease to amaze you!

Dare to follow your intuition, it will never cease to amaze you!

Deepen your connection with Nature

We’re all capable of developing our “13th sense” (so to speak) through which we can communicate with Nature all around us. It just takes practice and patience (similar to training a muscle). And sometimes all you need is good company (getting started at the gym seems way more feasible together, right?). If what you read above resonates and makes you curious to experience these kinds of moments yourself, you’re very welcome to book a Shamanic Integration Session. We’ll dive into the forest, we’ll sharpen your intuition, and we’ll make sure you go home with the tools at hand to further practice your 13th sense on your own, or with friends.

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