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Dance of the Colors
1 February 2024
Return of the Light Eyes closed When I go to bed, I lay still and close my eyes, observing everything that is moving through me: thoughts, energies, visions…and colors. The colors seem to present themselves in all kinds of shapes....
Detail of an intuitive drawing with colored pencils with a variety of subtle colors
15 January 2024
Do you recognize the itch ‘to art’? The urge to create I’ve lost count of the years since I became aware of a certain itch inside to create art. It has had its ups and downs and I even lost...
Detail of an intuitive drawing with colored pencils with a variety of subtle colors
14 January 2024
There are more colors in the world than your eyes can perceive I see new colors and it didn’t happen overnight In 2023 I’ve spent more than a few weeks on my sofa, slammed with a heavy fatigue, wearing a...
Picture showing one hand, with a Soul Tattoo on the inside of the fore arm
7 July 2023
There’s no other Soul Tattoo like yours Can my entire Soul be shown in one Tattoo? Every Soul Tattoo will show a particular part of your soul. It’s like a photograph at a specific time and under specific conditions. It...
Picture showing two hands, with a Soul Tattoo on the inside of the fore arm
27 June 2023
Say YES! to expressing and embodying your Soul Tattoo A birthing journey Yeah, birthing, not designing. To design it I would have to use my mind, and honestly my mind has no business with your Soul Tattoo. It’s a birthing...
Picture of a frozen puddle of water, representing this time of year where we look inside to our dear 2022
31 December 2022
Respect your timeline. Dear 2022 I didn’t feel it at first.You know, clearing out what no longer serves me and making space for the New. Getting rid of the old and setting new year’s resolutions. It’s just that it always...
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Altars in your daily life

Close-up of an acrylic painting in the form of a mandala with black, green, white and gold as an entry to the Art Shop. Art Sound & Medicine Woman painted this in the summer of 2021. It is titled 'Home'.


Free your inner artist

Overview of an intuitive drawing with colored pencils with a variety of subtle colors. The shapes are imaginary. The scene gives the impression of a swarm of creatures being intertwined in an areal dance. Up in the sky faint hints of a bee hive. In the front plant like shapes.

Intuitive drawing

Frouke Vermeulen smiling at the camera, holding a brush in her left hand, a palette in her right hand, while standing in front of her painting.

Life updates

Flower of Bobinsana, a medicinal tree of the Peruvian jungle. The bright pink flower has many threadlike petals. The bark of the tree is used for healing through shamanic work


Soul Tattoo

Writing soothes the heart and calms the mind


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