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Who am I?

Hi, my name is Frouke Vermeulen and I am the one behind Art Sound & Medicine Woman. As a child “Dr Quinn, medicine woman” was my big inspiration. I adored her, felt just like her. Even though I never pursued a career as a classical medical doctor, the name ‘Medicine Woman’ resonates deeply with me. As such, I adopted this term in my business name.

Next to that, my entire life is about experimenting, experiencing, searching, going for change, creating, feeling life running through my veins and expressing that through art or sound. Therefore, I’m welcoming it all. The joy, the love, the grief, the sorrow, the despair, the insight, the relief, the flow, the relaxation, and the manifesting power with which I’m turning all of this into gifts for you to enjoy, through Art, Writings and Sound.

My creative essence

I am creating everything you see, feel and perhaps one day will experience together with me (or already have) right from the very essence where all is welcome. From that point we all have deep down inside of us. In other words, from that essence I have always known our true nature is being born over and over again, day after day.

Who is Art Sound & Medicine Woman? Frouke Vermeulen holding her shaman drum.
Frouke Vermeulen smiling at the camera, holding a brush in her left hand, a palette in her right hand, while standing in front of her painting.
Who is Art Sound & Medicine Woman? Frouke Vermeulen sitting cross-legged and smiling in front of a large Shipibo altar fabric hanging on the wall.

Life is running through my veins!

That is exactly what I want to be feeling while I am creating and bringing you what I have to share. Do you feel it too?

I’m fueled by an immense curiosity and a strong force to dive deep into my own truth as well as the collective truth. That means I occasionally hit incredibly beautiful highs bathing in light. Other times you’ll find me on my hands and knees in the dark mud studying my shadows while wondering who turned off the light.

My discovery path and yours

On my ongoing discovery path I continue to collect insights and useful tools. It usually takes a while before I fully integrate new things I learn, so a lot of what I’m sharing now has been incubating for a while. Everything that feels ready to be shared, can be found in my Art work, my Blogs, Inspirational Classes and all of my events and off line work. I hope you may find pieces to fit into your own big puzzle of life. Customizing your path of discovery according to your own wishes or needs is incredibly self empowering. And if I can be of any assistance, I’m right here for you.

With love 

Life is running through my veins!

How do I work?

Together with you. Based on your body’s innate self healing potential, your mind’s power, and your curiosity to learn and to grow. Guided by intuition (mine and yours) and our combined clear intentions, and all Spirits present then and there to support us.

Individual session

Every session is a new journey. Before embarking I make sure you get the chance to consciously land (pun not intended) in the space where we meet. After a short intake and based on your questions or needs, I open a Sacred Space for us to work in. The journey is mainly guided by a clear Intention and my and your Intuition. Afterwards you are offered some tea or water and we can share what needs to be shared for you to go home and have a good integration process. This might take some time, a great opportunity to practice some sweet self-care and soul-care.

Group session

Runs in a similar way, only with more souls present and thus with an additional group dimension. Depending on the type of session you booked you’ll be asked to bring a mat, pillow and blanket, or instruments, and you’ll be more or less actively involved.

Soul Tattoo on the inside of my right wrist. The tattoo is composed of two symbols that were joined along with dots put in a particular way above and underneath. Soul Tattoos are available in my Art Shop.
Soul Drawing framed in a golden frame, leaning against the wall, surrounded by sacred objects in crystal jars, vases and bowls.
Soul Tattoo on the outside of my left ankle. The tattoo is designed around as a key code. Soul Tattoos are available in my Art Shop.

English, Nederlands, Français, Español?

Ja, tuurlijk kunnen we een sessie en de communicatie daarrond in het Nederlands doen. Contacteer me gerust.

Je sais bien me débrouiller en Français. Donc, si tu n’as pas de peur d’entendre quelques erreurs de ma part de temps en temps, soie très bienvenu de me contacter en Français.

Hablas Español? Estás muy bienvenido. Aunque mi Español no está perfecto, estoy segura que podemos trabajar juntos.

Prices and payments

Prices for products in the webshop are VAT inclusive for everyone. Prices for services are indicated on the pages where you can book the different sessions and are VAT inclusive for private customers, and VAT exclusive for business customers. Invoices can be requested by sending me all necessary details through e-mail. Payments are accepted either in cash or by money transfer. 

Thank you for being here, Frouke

The Art Sound & Medicine Tribe is happy to welcome you!


You are about to join our Art Sound & Medicine Tribe

thank you and welcome! 

Web Design & Hosting by Vermeulen & Vermeulen

Together we form a great team designing and hosting websites. We both have our unique perspective and talents. Bart takes care of all IT/technical aspects, offers a down-to-earth view and is very solution oriented. Frouke brings in her creativity with words and visuals, and makes sure your website’s heartbeat is pounding.

Next to an intrinsic drive for what we do, we also share our family name. We’re not only brother and sister, but good friends as well.

Curious about what we have to offer you?