Dare to Be Creative

Drawing made by Art Sound Medicine Woman of Mother Turtle. The drawing has black line drawings in the back and a colorful turtle in the middle. The drawing serves as an invitation to discover the Creative Space inside yourself, on the website and here on the blog.

All you need to express how Life is running through Your veins is a dedicated Moment, a Canvas, a solid Intention and your willingness to Open up.

If you dare to be creative, you dare to be you and that’s a gift to yourself and to the world.

Dedicated moment

Now is perfect.

But of course you’re busy reading all this, so it’s probably a little less than perfect. Yet, you’re searching for something. You can feel it itching right beneath your skin or in the back of your throat. And perhaps…something is holding you back to just Be Creative.


You could very well set up a creative space for yourself, select a canvas of choice and get to it with a sparkling intention. I have done that a million times and I’m sure you’ve done that before too. Remember singing in the shower? Drawing doodles on the rainy window? Or stacking the wood of an outdoor fire in a particular way?

Indeed! Your canvas doesn’t necessarily need to be a piece of paper or painting cotton. It might just as well be a Sound or 3-dimensional Space. Natural elements form great canvases too: Water, Fire, Soil, Leaves, Stones…

Intention and Opening up

Intention is key in almost anything you do in Life.  If you have read this far, I bet you have a solid Intention to Be Creative. May it be a need to express a certain emotion, to honor a particular event or to discover the Magic inside yourself.

In order to express what lives inside you into the outside world, you’ll need to Open up and Surrender. As scary as that may sound, as blissful it feels.

Whenever you feel ready to Be Creative, I’m here to support you.

Okay, lots of possibilities, but as with many things in life, it sometimes simply is more relaxing or more fun when someone else is taking care of everything, and you can lean back and surrender to the process.

Discover your options to set up your Creative space:

  • Artistic Date with yourself
  • Individual Creative session guided by me
  • Creative Flow session guided by me

Colorful blessings,

“Dare to be Creative. Dare to be you!”

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