Show me your Soul, I’ll show you your Tattoo

Picture showing two hands, with a Soul Tattoo on the inside of the fore arm

Say YES! to expressing and embodying your Soul Tattoo

A birthing journey

Yeah, birthing, not designing. To design it I would have to use my mind, and honestly my mind has no business with your Soul Tattoo. It’s a birthing process, and it has its own specific timeline.
The birthing process can be quicker than the clock can tick, or it can come at a speed that invites us to slow down along side with it. It’s a remarkable process so I wanted to share the different phases and what is happening behind the scenes.

Your YES!

So first things first and that means you’re feeling an inner calling. You are ready for saying YES! to welcoming your Soul Tattoo from the depths of your Soul. The beauty of it is that you most probably have no idea what this tattoo will look like. Yet, you somehow just know and feel you are ready to receive the gift of its visual translation. You have come a long way and you are ready for expressing (part of) your Soul’s essence on your skin. By doing so you’re saying YES! to fully expressing and embodying (part of) your Soul’s mission.


As soon as you have honestly expressed this YES!, things start shifting. Your Soul Tattoo is a visual representation of complex multidimensional information. You could compare it to a snapshot (photo) of an incredibly complex party with many things going on. Too much to easily capture, really. So this information needs to be rearranged to better ‘fit’ into the two-dimensional space of a paper (or your skin).
This shifting dynamics in the different dimensions can go unnoticed or can be experienced quite intensely by you. It all depends on your personal path, intentions, needs, level of awareness and available inner space during the creation process.

Ready, set, go

Another way of describing this process is by envisioning a large funnel through which all this information is about to come down (from the Universe down to Earth). Once it reaches the tube-like part at the bottom of the funnel it arrives into the birth channel of the Universe. And that usually is the start sign for me to actually sit down and get ready to draw. Occasionally, the drawing happens in just a couple of hours, but more often I find myself coming back at it regularly to check-in and feel whether new bits of information are ready to be visualized. I spend quite some time just sitting and tuning in, sometimes assisting in the shifts that are happening. With lots of patience and respect, your Soul Tattoo slowly reveals itself.

Welcome Soul Tattoo

Indeed, the visual translation of your Soul Tattoo takes time. I’ve learned the hard way that it is important both for you and me to respect the otherworldly timelines which are not always in correspondence with the linear times of our rational minds.

Once it has fully come through, I make a neat print of it which I usually bless on a little altar especially created for you and your Soul Tattoo. Then, after a bit of smudging, it is entirely ready to come your way. You’ll receive the print through regular mail.

Make sure to check out my blog on FAQs about Soul Tattoos.

Whenever you are ready…
Lots of love,

PS: You would love to have your Soul in a drawing, but you’re not into tattoos? No worries I make Soul Drawings too! 


“Show me your Soul, and I'll show you your Tattoo”

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