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Shamanic healing

"Shamanism is as old as mankind"

Shamanism is a spiritual practice found around the world. Although each tradition has it own color and flavor, Sound and Spirits are key. In nearly all my Shamanic practices you will meet Voice, Drum and Rattle, sometimes Shakapa too (a bundle of leaves that serves multiple purposes). They work with Energy and Vibration. As soon as you are prepared to truly honestly let go of what no longer serves you by looking your shadow sides straight into the eyes, you are ready to give your innate healing capacity a chance. The aim of  a Shamanic healing is to restore the free flow of Energy and Life. And who knows…maybe you’ll meet your Spirit Allies too!

I offer three main Shamanic healing practices

Guiding you Home in Being Human

Shamanic Integration Session

Flower of Bobinsana, a medicinal tree of the Peruvian jungle. The bright pink flower has many threadlike petals. The bark of the tree is used for healing through shamanic work

“Your Roots can take you anywhere”

If the Bobinsana tree producing this beautiful pink flower would not be well rooted, it would never survive. It grows on the banks of rivers with incredibly powerful currents that can quickly rise from one moment to the next. Very similar to what Life tends to feel like for us; ever changing and constantly bringing on new challenges.

Another thing we have in common with trees apart from growing roots, is our ability of reaching for the skies. Discovering other worlds and realms and spaces in our Universe often gives us experiences beyond words and logic. Exploring the non-physical layers of our extremely intelligent body can be overwhelming and introduce anxiousness or insecurity.

A Shamanic Integration Session could also be called a coaching session. The focus is set on Embodiment, Rooting, Integration. The aim is to provide a steady Container for your experiences to land, to ripen, to blossom. As well as a clear, freely flowing Channel through which you can express this integrated experience in your natural gifts.

Could be interesting to you if…

  • what you read resonates (even without knowing exactly why) or
  • you feel ready to start growing your roots or
  • you’re curious to unlock the intelligence of your entire body (and not only your head) or
  • you experienced an intense transition or (spiritual) gathering and want to sort things out or
  • you’re ready to further explore your spirituality and you’re stuck with many questions or
  • you’re looking forward to bring into the world your most beautiful flowers (gifts!) or

About your session

You can choose to have your Shamanic Integration Session in Nature or in my practice. Duration 2-3 hours, €175 (21% VAT exclusive in case of invoice for business). Shorter sessions are also possible, ask me about it when booking your session. For a session in your space of choice, price is made upon request.

Developing the Art of Healing through continuous practice

Shamanic Healing

Dragonfly sitting on small tree trunk. In Shamanic work dragonfly symbolizes transformation.

“The power of Transformation is in the Now and in You”

Dragonfly stands for transformation. The process of transformation holds a special and very powerful energy to it. It may feel uncomfortable and full of resistance, or itchy and exciting.

No matter what it is you choose to consciously transform in your Life (be it something physical, emotional, mental or spiritual), truth is you’ll experience a refreshing energy once you’re through. The newly created space, your freshly developed wings and your empowered intuition will offer you the tools needed to (re-)create.

Unlike Dragonfly, us Humans are not always at ease with major transformations.  In case you would appreciate some guiding company along the way a Shamanic healings session is just for you. You can also book a Shamanic healing session for a Power animal retrieval or Soul retrieval.

In a Shamanic healing session Drum, Rattle, Shakapa and Voice are guiding us. Sacred songs (ikaros) and Spirit songs are used to invoke and honor the Spirits accompanying you in your Transformation process. These Spirits awaken and reinforce your innate healing capacity.

Could be interesting to you if…

  • you’re ready to face your shadows or
  • you’re curious to discover what the Spirits could mean to you or
  • you are prepared to change things in your life or
  • you want to express your gratitude (prayer) or
  • your past, present and/or future deserves a tribute or
  • you want to honor your path or 
  • you could use a deep energetic cleansing (brush off old dust) or
  • your ancestors are calling you or
  • ….

About your session

For Shamanic Healing Sessions we meet in my practice. Duration 2-3 hours, €175 (21% VAT exclusive in case of invoice for business). Shorter sessions are also possible, ask me about it when booking your session. For a session in your space of choice, price is made upon request.

Connecting with your Spirits and Soul through Sound

Sound and Spirit Circle

Medium sized shaman drum made of white horse skin and used to support healing through shamanic work, covered with red rose petals in a circle, representing a sense of belonging, of connection.

“Group gatherings with Spirits are incredibly Soul nourishing”

Did you know a Shaman’s Drum is born into this world by means of the combined Sound of older, already existing and initiated drums? It does. As such, the ancient beat of the Mother Drum eternally echoes and continues to birth new drums. What I mean is that there is something special about gathering with Spirits in a group of people. Attending a Sound & Spirit Circle means you’re prepared to BE present, with the willingness to face your shadows and to sit with the un-ease (or shake it off) to discover the root of your dis-ease. First, the Spirits are honored and invited through Prayers. Then, Sacred songs (ikaros) intertwined with Spirit songs will guide you on your Journey. Drum, Rattle, Shakapa, Flute or other instruments will support you. Sensations can be experienced on either the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level.  In the end a short sharing circle is bringing you back in the here and now. Afterwards, there’s the open invitation to connect with the other participants, a great opportunity to meet other beautiful Souls, if that feels good to you.

Could be interesting to you if…

  • you’re curious to discover what the Spirits could mean to you or
  • you have always known there’s more between Heaven and Earth and beyond or
  • you want to get more familiar with shamanism or
  • you need a ritual to mark a special moment or
  • you want to explore your Soul’s longings or
  • you’re open to see what it may offer you
  • ….and you’re okay to Journey together with other beautiful Souls.

About your session

For Sound & Spirit Circles we meet in my practice. Duration 2,5 hours. Check the Calendar for upcoming events. For a session in your space of choice, price is made upon request.

Sound & Spirit Circles are similar to Sound healing Circle but the Shamanic component is much more present.

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