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Cacao ceremony

“Traditionally Cacao is food for the Gods”

Raw Cacao guides you on the path from your mind to your heart. Working with this gift of the Earth asks for a ceremonial setting as to honor the god or goddess within us and to express our gratitude for this wonderful Medicine. Opening a Sacred Space to enjoy the beneficial effects of this bittersweet drink also invites many Spirits. In a Cacao ceremony, we work with Sound and Silence and occasionally shared Dance, Drumming and Singing.

Before booking your spot make sure to verify what type of ceremony you’re signing up for. Group ceremonies often work with a dedicated theme.

Connection to your soul

Sound & Spirit circle

“Sounds are to Spirits what flowers are to bees”

In a Sound and Spirit circle your innate healing capacity is awakened by prayers and sacred chants (icaros). Simply being within this Soundscape with the intention to open up to your healing process will initiate a shift. This shift will restore the free flow of energy and thus the free flow of your Life power on an energetic level.

In the presence of a myriad of Spirits you will also receive powerful blessings.

In this circle you are likely to meet like hearted Souls. We start with an open invitation to share what wants to be shared and afterwards you’re welcome to stay for a social moment if that feels right.

Connection to the Spirit world

Connection to other souls

Shamanic healing

“Shamanism is as old as mankind”

Shamanism is a spiritual practice found around the world. Although each tradition has it own color and flavor, Sound and Spirits are key.

In Shamanic healing sessions you will meet Drum and Rattle as tools to work with Energy and Vibration, sometimes Shakapa too (a bundle of leaves that serves multiple purposes). As soon as you are prepared to truly honestly let go of what no longer serves you by looking your shadow sides straight into the eye, you are ready to give your innate healing a chance.

The aim is to restore the free flow of energy.

And who knows…maybe you’ll meet your Spirit Allies too!

Connection to nature

Your very own ritual

“No moment is too short for your very own ritual”

Creating your own rituals leads you to an endless potential of options to express your gratitude, let go of what no longer serves you, spread your blessings or ask for support to manifest your ideas and longings. Opening and holding space for yourself to perform rituals requires preparation and practice. Asking someone to guide you through may be a good choice, and learning how to do it by yourself just as well.

In the Learning & Reading section you’ll find a class to guide you through the entire process.

Or else, I’m very happy to either teach you or co-create your ritual with you.

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