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Sound of Cacao: Mantra Circle

30 November 2022 @ 18:45 - 21:30

Small cup of ceremonial cacao surrounded by a vine of Pothos showing its green leaf. It is setting the atmosphere for a Sound of Cacao ceremony. Theme of the ceremony is Mantra Circle.

Sound of Cacao

Sound of Cacao is a modern Cacao Ceremony. Theme of this ceremony is ‘Mantra Circle‘ with the main ingredients being the drinking of raw cacao and singing mantra’s together (or listening if you prefer not to sing yourself).

Traditionally Cacao is food for the Gods

The intake of raw Cacao is a rather recent practice as compared to the ancient traditions using Cacao solely as an offering the the Spirits and to Mother Earth. It is clear that working with this gift of the Earth asks for a ceremonial setting in close connection to the Four Elements (Earth, Water, Fire and Air) and the Four Cardinal Directions (North, West, South and East).

Raw Cacao guides you on the path from your mind to your heart. The Spirit of Cacao has the ability to open up the doors of your Heart and reactivate your spiritual connection. During the ceremony deep gratitude and honoring is practiced: toward the Sacredness of this Medicine, as well as to the God or Goddess within you and and the divinity of the natural world you are part of. The beneficial effects of this bittersweet drink are noticeable on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

In a Sound of Cacao ceremony, we work with Sound and Silence, and occasionally shared Dance, Drumming and Singing.

Here you can read more about why a cacao ceremony could be interesting to you.

Practical details for this event

  • it’s advised to take a light lunch and some snacks in the afternoon, but to avoid having dinner
  • bring your water bottle with you so you can hydrate whenever your body needs it
  • bring everything you need to install yourself comfortably sitting up on the floor (mat, pillow, blankets, etc). There are chairs available if that suites your needs better.
  • exchange: €40
  • you are very welcome from 18.45h onwards. We’ll start at 19.00h. The end is to be expected at 21.30h.

**Nederlandse versie**

Van harte welkom op deze avond in Westerlo bij onze Cacao Ceremonie. Thema van deze avond is ‘Mantra Circle’, waarbij het drinken van rauwe cacao en helende klanken de voornaamste ingrediënten zijn. Samen gaan we mantra’s zingen. Als je liever luistert dan zingt, dat kan natuurlijk ook. Het medicijn van Cacao is een ware hartopener en geeft een zachte en liefdevolle boost aan lichaam en geest.

Voor deze ceremonie is geen ervaring of kennis vereist. De teksten van de mantra’s worden ter beschikking gesteld.


  • de dag zelf eet je best een lichte lunch en eventueel nog een kleine snack in de namiddag. We adviseren je geen (zwaar) avondmaal te nuttigen.
  • je waterfles is handig om tussendoor te drinken. Ook nadien is het aangeraden goed te drinken.
  • breng alles mee wat je nodig hebt om comfortabel en warm te liggen (matje, kussen, deken, …). Er zijn stoelen als je liever zit.
  • bijdrage: €40
  • we verwelkomen je graag vanaf 18:45u. We beginnen om 19:00u. Het einde is voorzien rond 21:30u.

Looking forward to welcoming you!



30 November 2022
18:45 - 21:30


Art Sound & Medicine Woman
Ambachtenstraat 9a
Westerlo, Antwerpen 2260 Belgium


Frouke Vermeulen