Time and time again: you create, you sustain, you transform. It’s a natural cycle in Life.

You can support yourself (and others) going through the different stages by creating an altar for special occasions, when you’re in need of support or guidance, when you’re on your way to manifest a small or a big project, when fears and doubts are holding you back, to honor Life, to express Gratitude, Love and Joy, … . After you’ve created it you sustain the altar for as long as feels right for you. And then you transform it.

My online inspirational class At the Altar takes you on a journey to discover your personal practice of creating and working with altars. You’ll find practical guidelines, with a clear structure and a lot of space to be creative with whatever you have at hand. On top, you’ll read about emotions, judgement, resistance and infinite Spiritual support. At the Altar holds beautiful pictures and illustrations, all created by me for you as a starting point to create your own experiences.