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Dear 2022


Respect your timeline.

Dear 2022

I didn’t feel it at first.
You know, clearing out what no longer serves me and making space for the New. Getting rid of the old and setting new year’s resolutions. It’s just that it always takes a little bit more time with me.

Respect your timeline

I seem to be having my own timing and it’s not always following the crowd’s timing. And that’s okay. Asia Suler poetically describes this in her book Mirrors in the Earth stating that some trees hold on to their leaves way longer than others. Just like us humans sometimes hold on to certain experiences or memories a lot longer than our life companions.

 “There’s a reason why your system isn’t done with it yet and chooses to hold on to it. Trust it.

So, I didn’t feel it at first. While coming across other people’s elaborate (and beautiful) thank-you-2022-letters or wishing-and-looking-forward-2023-statements nothing moved inside me.
Until this morning, quite unexpectedly.

2022, the movie

Suddenly, a film of memories from 2022 started playing right in front of my eyes. Bringing up all kinds of experiences. To be honest, 2022 took off with a blast. I didn’t even fully realize we had made the transition into the new year when I suddenly became aware I was sitting on this fast speeding train that was definitely taking me someplace else than the previous year.

Time is such an incomprehensible concept when spending a lot of it living and working in otherworldly realms (not to be mistaken with not being grounded). Thinking back to January 2022 seems like yesterday and a decade ago at the same time.

In a nutshell

The 2022-train brought me:

  • My re-emergence on social media. And that had everything to do with starting up my new business as Art Sound & Medicine Woman. My urge to bring you my gifts itches! So I have found a new understanding with social media that works well for me and I hope for you too.
  • My new website where I tried to create a warm and cozy corner on the internet for you to explore all of my treasures to enrich your life with.
  • Next level learning in Shamanic Healing through the Shamanic training with Frank Coppieters and Kathy Melcher.
  • A deep dive into Sound Healing with modules 2 and 3 at Akasha Retreat Center with Maarten Adriaenssens.
  • The birth of my very personal and handmade shaman drum guided by Greet Mermans.
  • Soul Tattoos, both my own and designs for dear friends of mine.

Thank you!

Obviously, lots and lots of dear people were with me on that train. I’m so grateful for their presence, patience, honesty, inspiration and love.

Last but not least, I’m deeply touched with your presence, dear reader. It’s you and future you whom I’m doing it for.

Who knows one day we’ll co-create your Soul Drawing or your Soul Tattoo. I’d be honored to and I just can’t wait to get started.

Or if you’re geographically close to me, you’re ever so welcome to join in on our upcoming Cacao ceremonies, Soul & Spirit Circles or Sound of our Womb Workshop.

And to those of you who feel the call to join us to the Peruvian jungle, don’t hesitate, you won’t regret it.

For now, I’m just going to be savoring all this a little bit longer before diving into the new adventure. I’m confident all will fall into place at the right moment, the right timing, my timing. If you’re ready for 2023, bring it on! I’ll catch up with you later.

Wishing you love and peace,

Oh, I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions but what 2022 absolutely lacked for me was decent exercise. Apart from lots of dancing over summertime and the daily warmups for my voice, I have been way too lazy, so please 2023…come kick my ass!

“Dear 2022 and dear You, thank you!”

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