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Emerald Soul Code

“If it resonates, it may be part of your blueprint.”


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Emerald’s story

Soul Codes may present themselves spontaneously to me while meditating, taking a shower or while painting. The Emerald Soul Code appeared after a painting session in which I practiced creating fairy waterfalls and forests and illuminated caves. The magic of this imaginary and enchanted place set me in a receptive state and before I knew it the Emerald codes appeared.

If you feel attracted to the Emerald Soul Code, I know why…there’s magic in your DNA!

Soul Codes

A Soul Code is a channeled message often resonating with many Souls. It could be seen as a visual translation of a Universal Soul message. After purchase you will receive a downloadable file which you can take to your local tattoo artist. If you prefer to have your own personal soul message channeled with the purpose of having it as a tattoo, then I suggest you ordering a Soul Tattoo.

Limited edition

This Emerald code is only available to 5 sweet Souls and you could be one of them.

Help, I love the look and feel of a Soul Tattoo but I’m not into tattoos!

No worries, I’ve got your back. You can print your download on any paper you like and hang it wherever you feel like.

I offer Soul Drawings too! In case you would love to have your personal soul message channeled. Just pick the Black and White design and mention in the comments that you love the looks of a Soul Tattoo.

Or browse through the products that are available through my Art Shop. I do seasonal shop updates. As a subscriber of my Newsletter you’re amongst the first ones to find out when I update. Also, my Instagram account is a great place to discover more magic.

Manage your download

At checkout, select ‘download free of cost’ in the Shipping section.

After checkout, you will see a big blue button saying “Emerald Soul Code A5″ or “Emerald Soul Code A4”. Pick the one you prefer, click on it, and your download will start. Or, you can click on the link you will receive through mail.

After purchase, your download will be available for 15 days. And the download limit is set at 3 times, so make sure you save it somewhere you can find it.
This downloaded product is for one time personal use only. It can either be used as a print or as a tattoo. No reproduction or further sale is allowed.


I’m sending you many many blessings from my heart and my soul. Feel free to visit me in my enchanted cave if you’re around!

Soul Code Pearl of Expansion #01 - on the left side an A4 sized watercolor paper painted with gouache in reds and pinks and dark purples in a bokeh effect, with the soul code in white. On the right hand side a printed version of the soul code on an otherwise blank A5 sized paper.
Pearl of expansion #01 Soul Code
"She, who knows AND owns her divine femininity!"
Emerald Soul Code
"If it resonates, it may be part of your blueprint."
A6 card with lightcodes and text showing the message you are the Light we need in our world. The card is available in my Art Shop.
You are the Light
**FREE**   “Like a Voice whispering an important message you...
Soul Tattoo I designed for another friend. The design holds many different symbols, expressing his connection with Spirits and qualities inside himself as well as found elsewhere in nature. Here the tattoo is shown as a print on A5 paper which is standing on an altar. Soul Tattoos are available in my Art Shop.
Soul Tattoo
**currently not available** Subscribe to the newsletter to be informed...

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