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Soul Tattoo FAQs


There's no other Soul Tattoo like yours

Can my entire Soul be shown in one Tattoo?

Every Soul Tattoo will show a particular part of your soul. It’s like a photograph at a specific time and under specific conditions. It wouldn’t be possible to entirely capture your Soul into one visualization because your soul’s information goes beyond the two (or three) dimensional representation we can perceive with our eyes. But it does show (at least part of) an elemental essence of your Soul. And the two dimensional representation (your Soul Tattoo) stays connected to that multidimensional source. So the part that is made visible could be seen as an entry way to access your Soul’s essence. Or as a visual expression through which its bigger energy can travel into our physical world, and into your energetic field, your inner spheres, and your DNA.

I’ve seen someone’s Soul Tattoo and I would like to have exactly the same, is it possible?

I know seeing someone’s Soul Tattoos can make a deep impression on you. But every Soul Tattoo is unique and is created especially for the one person who felt the calling of their Soul to be expressed in this way. It is therefore not possible and not allowed to reproduce a Soul Tattoo design.

If you feel the pull to have your own Soul Tattoo created for you, I’m ready for you. Or have a look at the Art Shop to discover my series of Soul Codes which could be turned into a design for a tattoo if you wish. Contact me and we’ll sort it out.

How do I know what size my tattoo will be?

The sizes indicated in my Art Shop are mini Soul Tattoo > small > medium > large > extra large. I found this the easiest way to indicate the difference between possible designs, yet it says more about the complexity of the design than the actual size. 

For example, a mini Soul Tattoo usually comprises of one coherent symbol, whereas a small Soul Tattoo is a collection of a few symbols, and so on. The actual size you will have it marked with on your skin is something you will figure out with the tattoo artist. Obviously, medium to extra large designs will not be suitable for very small sized tattoos. Yet, a mini Soul Tattoo could be enlarged quite a bit and still be perfect. 

I would love to have my Soul Tattoo but I do not have a big budget, what can we do?

Soul Tattoos come in different sizes to match everyone’s budget and wishes. You could opt for a mini Soul Tattoo. A sweet little size to start with and it could serve as a basis for your future Soul Tattoo for when your budget has grown.

Or you could op for a Soul Code, they come in wide array of prizes and sizes too.

What’s the difference between a Soul Tattoo and a Soul Code?

A Soul Tattoo is a custom made tattoo based entirely on your Soul. It is channeled specifically and solely for you. It is unique in the world.

A Soul Code is a channeled message often resonating with many Souls. It could be seen as a translation of a Universal Soul message.

I want to gift someone else a Soul Tattoo. Is that possible?

This is so kind of you! That person must mean a lot to you. Part of the birthing process of a personal Soul Tattoo is the YES! We need a fully conscious YES! from the person who’s Soul Tattoo I’m about to draw. So if you’re willing to inform that person you would like to gift them their Soul Tattoo, and they say YES!, it is possible. I would need them to contact me personally though, and then we can arrange for you to settle their payment.

Another option is to surprise them with one of the generic Soul Codes that are also available in my Art Shop.

I want my Soul Tattoo to be ready for my birthday or any other special day, is that possible?

The visualization process of a Soul Tattoo follows a particular time line, which we should respect. Clock time and calendars are an illusion to make life practical but to which our Souls do not conform. It can therefore not be predicted how long it will actually take for it to be birthed and ready to be sent out to you. On top of that, I also respect my very own pace and I do not wish to work with strict calendar deadlines for this type of work. So if you want your Soul Tattoo to be ready before a certain date, just make sure you order it months upfront, or… surrender to the process. You might be surprised by the liberation it has in store for you.

Frouke, are you the one who will tattoo the design?

Mind that I am not the one marking the tattoo on your skin. Find yourself a good tattoo artist, preferably someone who knows how to create and hold a Sacred & Safe Space. Letting the tattoo being born on your skin is a profound and very personal process. You may want to work with someone who gifts you the space to feel the energetic shifts and who is capable of guiding you through any emotional or physical issues that may occur during the session.

Also make sure to check wether they are okay with marking a design they didn’t create themselves.

Help, I love the look and feel of a Soul Tattoo but I’m not into tattoos!

No worries, I’ve got your back. I offer Soul Drawings too! Just pick the Black and White design and mention in the comments that you love the looks of a Soul Tattoo. Or browse through the other products that are available through my Art Shop. Subscribers to my Newsletter receive shop updates or else my Instagram is the place to be! 

My question is not in this list…

Please contact me through the contact form. I would be happy to answer all your questions, and you would help me grow this FAQs.

If you haven’t done so yet, there’s also a blog on Soul Tattoos for you to read.

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