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Soul Code Pearl of Expansion #01 - on the left side an A4 sized watercolor paper painted with gouache in reds and pinks and dark purples in a bokeh effect, with the soul code in white. On the right hand side a printed version of the soul code on an otherwise blank A5 sized paper.
Pearl of expansion #01 Soul Code
"She, who knows AND owns her divine femininity!"
Emerald Soul Code
"If it resonates, it may be part of your blueprint."
A6 card with lightcodes and text showing the message you are the Light we need in our world. The card is available in my Art Shop.
You are the Light
**FREE**   “Like a Voice whispering an important message you know holds your Truth.”
Soul Tattoo I designed for another friend. The design holds many different symbols, expressing his connection with Spirits and qualities inside himself as well as found elsewhere in nature. Here the tattoo is shown as a print on A5 paper which is standing on an altar. Soul Tattoos are available in my Art Shop.
Soul Tattoo
**currently not available** Subscribe to the newsletter to be informed as soon as orders are being opened again. "An expression...

Do you feel Life running through your veins?

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Hi, I’m Frouke.

The Art Sound & Medicine Woman website is one of the portals through which I bring my gifts into the world for you to enjoy. Discovering these gifts didn’t happen overnight. It took me a lot! I had to experiment, explore,  dare, be, create, change, fail, fall, get up again, jump, fly, dance, sing, shout, whisper and be quiet. I’m sure this sounds familiar to you! (click to read full bio…)

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Next to an intrinsic drive for what we do, we also share our family name. We’re not only brother and sister, but good friends as well.

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