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Dance of the Colors
1 February 2024
Return of the Light Eyes closed When I go to bed, I lay still and close my eyes, observing everything that is moving through me: thoughts, energies, visions…and colors. The colors seem to present themselves in all kinds of shapes....
Detail of an intuitive drawing with colored pencils with a variety of subtle colors
15 January 2024
Do you recognize the itch ‘to art’? The urge to create I’ve lost count of the years since I became aware of a certain itch inside to create art. It has had its ups and downs and I even lost...
Emerald Soul Code
"If it resonates, it may be part of your blueprint."
A6 card with lightcodes and text showing the message you are the Light we need in our world. The card is available in my Art Shop.
You are the Light
**FREE**   “Like a Voice whispering an important message you know holds your Truth.”
Art Sound and Medicine Woman writing in a notebook hand-made by herself, and sitting next to a reading lamp. This picture is also used as a featured image for one membership of the subscription plan.
Freely Explore
Becoming a Member allows you to shape Your Personal Discovery Path based on the inspiring offer Art Sound & Medicine...

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Hi, I’m Frouke.

The Art Sound & Medicine Woman website is one of the portals through which I bring my gifts into the world for you to enjoy. Discovering these gifts didn’t happen overnight. It took me a lot! I had to experiment, explore,  dare, be, create, change, fail, fall, get up again, jump, fly, dance, sing, shout, whisper and be quiet. I’m sure this sounds familiar to you! (click to read full bio…)

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Next to an intrinsic drive for what we do, we also share our family name. We’re not only brother and sister, but good friends as well.

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